35 Halutz Street, Haifa

רחוב החלוץ 35, חיפה

Talpiot Guest House

Talpiot Hotel – an oasis in the heart of the city

In busy and lively Haifa, the Talpiot Hotel has been standing for many years as an oasis in the heart of the city, which is much more than a hotel that gives you a place to sleep, but also a community center with concerts, events and themed evenings that attract all the local crowd and tourists alike.

If you are looking for a hotel in Haifa that will allow you to truly experience the city, we are the address.

In 2023, the Talpiot Hotel underwent renovation and redesign throughout the hotel, the garden and the roof shared by the hotel guests and the guest rooms.

We welcome dogs and animals, they must not be left alone in the room, we have some specific rooms for this.

Maximum pleasure and flexibility

At the Talpiot hotel, the rooms are designed in elegant simplicity, with each air-conditioned room having a small dining area, LCD TV and a small kitchenette so that you can buy groceries at the nearby stalls of the Talpiot market and cook in the room from the market’s freshest products.

We are equipped with a team of chambermaids and chamberlains who will keep the room clean and we have the option of giving rooms for couples, three and four people and of course rooms with separation for families.

The hotel is located exactly in the quiet part of Talpiot Market, so the sounds of the parties, bars and stalls will not reach you even though you will be a minute’s walk away from them if necessary.

Relations with all service providers in the area

Since we have experience in the area, we know all the service providers if you need anything.

Need food? We are able to direct you, something more specific? We will know that aswell.

Besides connections with the service providers in the area, we have connections with tour guides in Haifa and the entire north so that you can travel with the guidance of the best!

If you want to spend the evening or go out for brunch in the morning, we know exactly what to recommend to you that you won’t find anywhere else.

By prior arrangement, we can also take out a team especially for you on an organized trip to Haifa, Nazareth, Nahariya or Acre.

20 years of experience

At Talpiot Hotel we have 20 years of experience and even more than that in the field of hotels in general.

We established the hotel even before the huge boom of the Talpiot market and we are proud to be a part of the past that has progressed into the new era of the region.

In 20 years of experience we have managed to learn what works in a hotel in Haifa and what doesn’t and how to host you in the best way possible.

Special events for hotel guests

Talpiot Hotel is not just any hotel, it is a community and a social father that also gives you cultural value in your stay at a hotel in Haifa.

We hold music, cultural and party events in the hotel grounds so that you can maximize the enjoyment of your stay in Haifa.

Because with us the guest is not just any guest, he is a guest in the house we built for him for a few days and as such, we want to give our guests added value during their stay at a hotel in Haifa.

Loving and family service at the Talpiot Haifa hotel

With us, the guest comes first and our service reflects this position. We aim for you to leave Talpiot Hotel with the feeling that you have exhausted your vacation to the limit and done everything you wanted.

Therefore, you will always find the receptionists and the rest of the staff ready to talk, advice on places in the area and trips in the north and satisfy any reasonable request you may have.

Magic corners and panoramic views in Haifa

At Talpiot Hotel, magical corners await you in the comfortable courtyard where you can sit in the evening or evening and enjoy the Haifa summer.

On the roof, panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea await you on one side and on the other side of the lush and green Mount Carmel.

We are waiting only for you – come and have a Haifa experience

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