35 Halutz Street, Haifa

רחוב החלוץ 35, חיפה

About Talpiot Hotel

An innovative, creative and a colorful hotel

Unique just as you imagine

Hotel Haifa Talpiot Guest House is a special place, the first hotel of its kind in Haifa – brings an atmosphere of innovation, creativity and color. The hotel is close to centers of taste, smell in the city and some of the newest places of entertainment in the city! The environment is developing and every day new businesses are popping up here. The hotel is near the sea, downtown and there are many means of transportation in the area.

A message from the owner of the hotel

Choose us once, and choose us always.

We are here to celebrate life, appreciate every day and be filled with it. We believe that community, participation in events, development – bring pleasure.

Asi, age is just a number for me. Likes to host, be hosted, meet and get to know. I love the good life – food, drink, friends, trying everything new and happy.

Freelance for years and now finally in a business that suits me! Develop entrepreneurship and creativity in an interface with good people and in a developing and colorful environment.


Freedom is here…

The perfect vacation at the Talpiot hotel

The hotel has extensive open spaces – a pleasant and quiet garden far from the hustle and bustle of the road and street, where we will have meetings, dinner parties and workshops.

At the top of the stairs – a huge roof, full of surprises, a happy bar, alternating pop-up events. If you want to hold your own event – I am open to suggestions

The hotel is suitable for groups that want to spend time together, there are common areas and there are close rooms.

This year the hotel is undergoing a renovation and a change of its image and is starting to work as a real guest house, workshops and classes will be held on the roof, and a garden to sit and gather together.

The hotel has rooms for a couple, and rooms with three and four beds.

There are rooms with a connecting door that is suitable for families